SEO: Google’s Page Experience Updates

This article will look at Google’s new page experience update, new features available, and how to use this new toolset to optimize your business.

Page Experience Report

Let’s look at a few details in this update and what you should expect in your Search Console account. When logging into your Search Console account, you may see this new page experience report:

Google Search Console Page Experience Report

This report combines the existing core web vitals report that was released to Search Console last year, along with other page experience signals, such as HTTPS security, absence of intrusive interstitials, safe browsing status, and mobile friendliness. This report provides a great bird’s eye overview of the technical healthof your website. With this report, you can quickly see how many of your URLs are considered to have a good user experience from Google.

Google Search Console Mobile Usability Report

You can also see the specific page experience signals that are holding you back in terms of your optimization. This report will ultimately prove to be a good jumping-off point for any of your technical SEO optimization efforts, as it will show you exactly where you have issues that need to be addressed.

Signed Exchanges

Another piece of this update that you should be aware of is that Google Search Console is now supporting something called signed exchanges. This allows Google to use emerging technology to help with your core web vitals performance. Let’s look at what the details of signed exchanges entail and how you can use this to better optimize your business’s website. The first thing you should check out is this blog article released by Google that goes over all the features of signed exchanges:

Google Signed Exchanges Blog Article

Signed exchanges essentially allow Google to prefetch your content while preserving the user’s privacy. In practice, what this means is that both your AMP pages and your non-AMP pages can be prefetched by Google and allow them to store a few key resources like HTML or JavaScript that enables that page to load much faster for a user when they first visit your website. In this article, they go on to provide several guides that will help you understand both how signed exchanges work, and how you can start to configure and verify the setup of signed exchanges on your website. They also provide a few additional resources that can help your developers with implementing and debugging the site exchanges for Google’s cache.

Google Search Console Signed Exchanges Report

This new technology could be an easy way for you to address core web vital issues that could be holding your website back. This is an emerging technology that is quickly evolving. When using Google Search Console and its toolsets to optimize your website, be prepared to stay up to date with all the changes. Make sure you stay in compliance to those standards and continue iterating on your codebase.

Be sure to check out these new features in Google Search Console. If you need help with your web services including PPC and SEO contact us to see how we can help.

I hope you found this helpful and remember to always be optimizing.

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