Keeping Up With SEO - What To Read

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes constantly, as do the best practices required to keep your site ranking. For businesses or individuals working to stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends, here are six resources that can help you keep a pulse on changes in organic search.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

SEO heavily involves goal-oriented work towards an enhanced user experience and high ranking on search engines like Google. Where better to find your SEO updates than from Google’s experts themselves? This blog provides information about Google search engine algorithm updates, insight into how these changes can impact your site, and guidance on adapting to changes.



  • Early insight – This blog gives you information straight from the source to help you understand how SERPs will be changing.

  • All facts – Google Webmaster Central Blog provides clear and unbiased facts—no research is needed to check the validity of the information.

Check out the Google Webmaster Central Blog here.

Bing Blogs

While you might know Google to be the search engine powerhouse, Bing holds the next top spot. 99firm reports that Bing accounts for 33% of searches in the United States. To keep your content up-to-date with Bing’s best practices, you should consider keeping an eye on Bing Blogs.

Bing Blogs is similar to Google Webmaster Blog by providing information about algorithm updates to help you stay ahead of changes in best practices.



  • Platform information – Bing Blogs gives you insight into changes with Bing Webmaster tools to help you better understand how your SEO efforts will perform on the search engine.

  • Market changes – This site gives you facts about the Bing platform as well as insight into their industry efforts to change the search market – including visual search and AI expansions.

Check out Bing Blogs here.

Moz Blog

Moz is an SEO tool that can provide insights into industry trends and how your site is performing within them. Their site hosts the Moz Blog, which provides a great learning platform for someone wanting to learn the ins and outs of SEO.

The Moz Blog offers tons of how-to videos on major SEO practices. They produce weekly Whiteboard Fridays that explore different elements of SEO. This resource also discusses industry trends that experts are noticing. The Moz platform has other free SEO tools like their SEO Beginner Guide to learning SEO and the MozBar, which lists the Domain Authority, Page Authority, title, descriptions, H1s, etc. of pages you visit.



  • Learn SEO – Moz Blog helps you learn SEO with helpful articles and videos.

  • SEO Tools – You can take advantage of free and paid tools that accompany this research to fuel your SEO work.

Check out the Moz Blog here.

SEMrush Blog

Much like Moz, SEMrush is an SEO tool that can provide insights into your organic search efforts. The SEMrush Blog tells users what has changed in search results and how to react. This blog also gives readers information on how to use the SEMrush tool to reach certain SEO goals.

Beyond just their reading material, SEMrush resources include their podcast, webinars, ebooks, events, and even games to help you refine your SEO knowledge and skills.


  • Tool Insight – You can use SEMrush Blog to earn how to use their paid tool to improve your site’s performance.

  • Additional resources – Access a wide range of helpful resources and tools from SEMrush.

Check out the SEMrush Blog here.

Search Engine Journal


If you search for almost any SEO-related topic, it is likely that you will find Search Engine Journal somewhere on the first page of results.

This source synthesizes insights and research from several different authorities in the industry to help you define your SEO strategy. Their work is organized into different areas of SEO focuses, helping you explore various approaches to organic search. They provide guides into these different areas of SEO and help you learn how to optimize within them.


  • Learn Marketing – This site offers insights on SEO, PCC, and Social Media Marketing

  • Webinars – Search Engine Journal SEO experts host webinars to review industry insights

Check out Search Engine Journal here.

Search Engine Land


Search Engine Land is a news-like SEO platform that keeps you updated on the latest changes in the search market. They release a daily newsletter that sends recaps of noteworthy day-to-day changes in SEO, PPC, and more.

Much like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land offers everything from foundational insight to advanced SEO practices. They provide an additional featured focus on Google, Bing, Retail, Local, and Mobile search engine techniques.


  • Daily Updates – This site provides a comprehensive, up-to-date look at the SEO landscape as well as news on upcoming marketing conferences.

  • Tools and Suggestions – They also provide some SEO strategy suggestions and learning tools that you can take advantage of.

Check out Search Engine Land here.

If you need help managing your SEO beyond that provided by these platforms, contact us to see how we can help.

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